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Multi-room audio

Get the most out of your audio system and music collection. Manage music in any room in your home from a single location, whether that zone is a stand-alone music player or a zone within a whole-house audio system. You could be enjoying your favorite playlist from your iPod in the living room while others listen to satellite radio in another room. Control your music from any room with in-wall keypads, wireless touch screens, and even your iPhone. With full two-way feedback, you always know what’s playing throughout your home.

  • Dock your iPod in one convenient location and control it from any room.

  • Simplify your life with whole-house audio control from one easy-to-use touch screen.

  • Browse through your music and movie collections, create unique playlists, and entertain guests with style—all from a single touch screen.

Home Theater

Imagine pressing one button to dim the lights, close the shades, adjust the temperature and turn on the AV components. Then see yourself selecting your favorite movie from the DVD server menu. Have complete control while reclining in your custom home theater’s plush seating.

  • Let ASI custom design and install a cinema quality movie theater with impressive sound in your family room or dedicated home theater.

  • Replace several confusing remotes with a single one-touch remote control.

  • Watch any movie in your collection without having to load a disc.

Video Distribution

A video distribution system enables you and your family to watch what you want, where you want. That means your guests can watch sports upstairs in the guest room while you have on your favorite show in the living room. Or distribute a movie from your library to multiple rooms simultaneously. ASI will install your cable or satellite boxes in one central location, so no need to have a cabinet or shelf with your TV.

  • Control remotely located cable or satellite boxes with a touch screen or universal remote. No need for multiple remotes.

  • View your centralized movie collection from any flat panel display.

  • Enjoy the sleek aesthetics of a wall mounted flat panel display with hidden brackets.

Home Automation

Climate control
Manage and control your heating and cooling system with an interface displaying all your thermostats. Set each thermostat individually or control them as a group. Use your touch screen at home, or remotely via iPhone or PC, to adjust the temperature. When you leave for vacation, one button press tells your thermostats to switch to the energy saving schedule. If there’s a drastic temperature change in your home while your away, you’ll
 even be notified via email.

  • Monitor your HVAC system through a simple user interface.

  • Adjust heating and cooling schedules without regulating multiple thermostats.

  • Modify the temperature in your home remotely using your PC, PDA or iPhone.

Pool/Spa Control
Control your pool and spa systems from one interface. Set up schedules for your filter pump, heater pump and cleaner. Turn your pool and spa lights, as well as other landscape lights, on and off. Integrating your pool /spa is a great way to enhance your lifestyle while reducing your utility bills.

  • Control your pool/spa temperature and lights from a simple control interface.

  • Monitor the safety of your pool with cameras.

  • View and adjust the temperature of your pool from your PC, PDA or iPhone before your arrive at home.

Irrigation panels can be difficult to operate and often require help from your irrigation contractor. Let ASI set up a simple interface that allows you to be in control of your lawn care. Adjust the days, times and zones you water. Adjust watering schedules during dry weeks or when expecting heavy rain—to improve the health of your lawn and garden while optimizing water usage.

  • Control all sprinkler zones from one simple interface.

  • Manage and monitor water usage monthly or yearly via helpful comparison charts.

  • Adjust your lawn-watering schedule remotely from your PC, PDA or iPhone.

Lighting and Shade Control

ASI can provide a simple interface that allows you to control all your lights through a centralized system. Event-based timing allows lights to turn on when you come home at night and during an emergency. Create a variety of lighting scenes for entertaining, bedtime, etcetera, and preset a vacation mode to simulate occupancy when you’re away to deter would-be thieves. Lighting systems add value to your home by enhancing convenience, safety and energy conservation.

Adding shade and drape control to your media room or home theater can have a big impact on your movie and TV watching experience. Shades and drapes close quietly to reduce glare that can detract from the picture on your flat or projection screen. In other rooms, you can increase energy efficiency in warm weather by covering windows to decrease solar heat gain. During winter, you can keep shades and drapes closed to reduce heat los

  • Eliminate large switch banks that clutter walls by controlling lights from a single customized keypad.

  • Control your shades with the touch of a button integrated into your lighting control interface.

  • Automate lights to turn on and off at preprogrammed times, such as day/night and seasonal modes.

  • Make your home safer by giving it the appearance of being occupied while you’re away.

  • Remotely adjust your lighting schedule from your PC, PDA or iPhone.


Security Cameras
View live video from security cameras from inside the home or off site via PC, PDA or iPhone. Having the ability to record live video gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is well protected. Multiple cameras can be viewed on one display and you can zoom in for a closer look at the area covered by a single camera. You can even check your property from your vacation home.

  • View live video with pan, tilt and zoom functionality inside and outside of your home or business.

  • Know what’s happening at your property at all times with remote access.

  • Access archived recorded video.

Security Alarm
Standalone security systems are often difficult to manage remotely and don’t normally allow integration with lighting or climate systems. Wouldn’t it be convenient to, for example, disarm your system and unlock your door for the cleaning company remotely? ASI integrates your home or business system for enhanced security monitoring by providing a simple interface for remote access. Check the status of a door or window from a touch screen in your home or while away via PC or iPhone.

  • Arm and disarm your security systems remotely.

  • Get peace of mind in knowing you are in control of your home security at all times.

  • Monitor history of each zone via an easy-to-read graph.

Access Control
Accommodate the service companies that need to get on your property when you’re not there while maintaining your security. Open and close driveway gates to allow in the landscapers or pool cleaners on their scheduled days. Let ASI help you remain in control.

  • Door Keypads.

  • Driveway Gates.

iPhone Control

ASI can provide you with mobile control of your home systems via a handy application that you can access from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Solutions, like ELAN’s downloadable HomeLogic application, enable access to systems throughout the home including multi-room audio, home theater, security, climate and pool/spa.

  • Control your home integration system from a robust yet simple screen interface.

  • Use your iPhone or iPod Touch for much more than just music, video and email.

  • Access your home remotely to view cameras, control the interior climate and much more.

Phone Systems

Custom Phone Systems
Whatever your requirements are, ASI can design and install a telephone system to suit your needs and budget. We are certified Panasonic dealers/installers so we carry solutions for larger residences and small businesses seeking affordable and flexible phone systems. ASI can provide reliable voice and data communications, voicemail and wireless capability for 24x7 connectivity. And with structured wiring, you will be ready for the technology of today and tomorrow.

  • Centralized voicemail system can send an audio file to your email.

  • Modular design will expand to accommodate future growth.

  • Analog, digital and VoIP phones (including cordless) are available.

Cell Phone Signal Extenders
Is your home or business in an area with poor cellular reception? Isn’t it frustrating to drop an important phone call? Boost the cellular signal throughout your home or business with signal extenders installed by ASI.

  • Significantly improve voice and data quality.

  • Work wirelessly with multiple cell phones and data cards simultaneously.

  • Extend cell phone battery life.

  • Cell site friendly technology.

Computer Networking

Your ability to stay connected to the Internet anywhere at anytime is no longer a luxury: it’s a necessity. The ASI team has the extensive knowledge and training required to design and install a solid wired or wireless network infrastructure in your home or business and to support it 24/7.

  • Ease sharing of files, music, photos and printers.

  • Get the best wireless coverage for roaming with your laptop via hidden wireless access points.

  • Use this computer network as a vital control point for your integrated systems.

Technology Partners

Atlantic Systems Integration is a direct dealer for some of the top manufacturers in the custom electronics and home controls industries. We carefully select the brands we carry based on aesthetics, performance and reliability. Below is a list of select manufacturers we are proud to offer you.



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