There is no better way to learn about today's cutting edge technology than to sit down and experience it firsthand in our showroom. Sit back, relax and enjoy a true home theater experience with the assistance of our easy-to-use control panels and remotes. With the touch of a button: the blinds close, the lights dim, and you become familiar with the complete ASI product line. You’ll be left more excited about all the options you have and what we, at ASI, can deliver.

System Design

Our designers develop custom solutions through a series of meetings with you and all those involved in the design of your home or commercial space. That may include your architect, lighting designer and contractor: whatever it takes to create the optimal plan for you. At the completion of this phase, we’ll provide you with a formal proposal that normally includes equipment needs, wire schedules, drawings and budgets.

Infrastructure Design

Every ASI-installed system requires structured wiring: the hard wiring that connects each component to an equipment rack location. For smooth project coordination, there needs to be a formal plan of all wiring locations and equipment and that requires involvement from you and your contractors. ASI prepares and terminates all wires prior to the installation phase.


Our ASI programmers are experienced in numerous industry control platforms so they can assist with just about any control type. We prefer to order equipment well in advance of final installation in order to minimize the amount of time we need to spend on site, which lessens the disruption in your home.

Systems Installation

Once all wiring has been tested, the equipment is delivered to its final location. ASI provides onsite tutorials and instructional binders that address any questions you might have down the line. The drawings and field notes created by our industry certified installers that we leave with our customers show and describe exactly how all equipment is connected and thus serve as an essential reference for future service.

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